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We work with clients around Australia with most of our client meetings conducted over the phone. We can set up teleconference calls so that the Advisers can participate in the discussion between the lawyer and the clients.

If you need a Partnership Agreement, Buy Sell Agreement or Exit Agreement we can help.


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1. Free half hour phone consultation with one of our lawyers. Contact us today to make a time.


2. Free review of your Partnership or Shareholders Agreement. If you want to ensure your existing agreement is good enough we will review it obligation-free. Contact us today to arrange to send us a copy.



Our solutions: A Comprehensive Partnership Agreement or Shareholder Agreement that goes one step further!

Are you involved in one or more business partnerships in Australia? Do you have a business partnership agreement documenting roles & responsibilities? And even more importantly, have you thought about what would happen if one of you wants to leave your business partnerships in Victoria?


Take care - most Partnership Agreements in Australia do not address this core issue and quite simply are not good enough! You need a business partnership agreement that protects you!


Have you had a Partnership Agreement in Victoria prepared in the past? Unfortunately not many Partnership agreements properly address business partners' most critical need — the ability to easily exit the business partnerships.

The majority of these partnership agreements in Victoria usually only offer what is known as a "first right of refusal". But what if your partner refuses to buy you out? What then? It is not always easy to sell a share in a business on the open market. At the very least your partner will need to agree to the other partner buying your share. And while you are trying to sort all this out, what happens to the business partnership? This is what partnership agreements in Australia establish from the outset.

What is a business partnership agreement? It is the only way to protect your investment and ensure you have a partnership agreement in place that really solves the problem — and doesn't just create more. Talk to Irongroup Lawyers today about our partnerships agreements for business partnerships.

There is no Business Partnership Law Court!

Unlike a marriage or relationship break-up there is no Family Law Court equivalent for business partnerships If you don't agree on who should get what in the event of a break-up you will need to start negotiating. From our years of experience we know it's far better to plan your partnership agreement when it's a 'level playing field' and the departing and remaining partners could be anyone of you.

Talk to us today about putting your company partnership agreement in place to avoid this dilemma.

How does our service work?

Irongroup prepares Partnership Agreements, Exit Agreements and Buy Sell Agreements at a fixed price — taking the uncertainty out of the cost of legal services.

When you contact us, we organise a meeting at a time that suits everyone, either in person, via skype or over the phone.

During this meeting we explain the process including all available options - ensuring the partnership agreement fits your needs and that of your business.

To find out more about the potential issues confronting business partners download a copy of Insights: Issues for Business Partners or for a copy of Partnership Agreements - What You Need to Look For

Or for more information on our solutions that cover the exit by a business partner from your business partnership i.e., Buy Sell Agreements and Exit Agreements email us today and request a copy of our Insights.

*Shareholders Agreement

If you have shares in a company rather than equity in a partnership, then you need a Shareholders Agreement. The above information applies equally to both types of agreements.