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We work with clients around Australia with most of our client meetings conducted over the phone. We can set up teleconference calls so that the Advisers can participate in the discussion between the lawyer and the clients.

Irongroup Lawyers' Brief for Advisers
Our newsletters keep you informed of the latest legal developments, cases and issues which may affect you or your clients.


June Estranged children & estate planning
May Children with different needs & estate planning
April SMSFs & estate planning
February Business Valuation issues
November New Relationship? Worried about a Will?
October One business, more than one child
September Probate information
July The Business Will - a succession plan
June Is your Will up to date? Mark 2
May Is your Will up to date?
April Some avoidable end-of-partnership scenarios
March A reminder of the benefits of testamentary trusts
February Advances to children - family law & estate planning issues
December New relationship? Separated? Divorced?
November No Will? Victoria catches up!
October We have a 'gentlemen's agreement'
September Inheritance impatience sorted
August Estate planning - separation & divorce
July Estate planning for older couples
June Valuing the business for business succession purposes
May Guardians - it's a big job!
April Estate Planning and family trust assets
February Business succession for families
November Pitfalls: Helping out the children
October Can you 'divorce' your business partner?
August Looking after young children in your Will
July Minimising tax
June The forced arrangement
May Blended families
April Business has boomed! Now what?
March Beware specific assets
February Business succession planning & tax