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Financial Advisers have a couple of options when it comes to referring their clients to Irongroup Laywers. They can either refer their clients direct to us, or they can access our Alliance Partner model enabling them to extend their involvement in estate planning.


Direct Referrals

The first option available for Advisers is to refer their clients direct to us, and we will manage the entire process. If the Advisers simply want to ensure their clients have proper, good quality estate planning documents in place, without getting involved, this may be preferred. All we need is a name and phone number, with the clients’ permission, and we will contact them. We will let the Adviser know the outcome.


Alliance Partner Advice Model for Estate Planning - an opportunity for Advisers
While many professionals refer their clients to us and we manage the entire process from first interview through to delivery of final documents, some advisers want to be more involved.

The Irongroup Lawyers Alliance Partner Advice Model can help you achieve this.
Alliance Partners have access to comprehensive material and the on-going support of our legal team, including an initial briefing. Armed with these resources, you will be able to deliver a comprehensive service to your clients in these areas.


Why become an Alliance Partner?
- You will extend your current service offering and generate additional revenue

- You will have more control over your client relationship

- An estate planning conversation creates an opportunity to discuss insurance needs

- You will also have the comfort of knowing a lawyer is available to conduct a client interview to discuss options and confirm instructions

- You can be located anywhere in Australia and get access to high quality legal support


How does it Work?


1. Client Profile: The Adviser meets with the clients and completes our Client Profile. This captures information on their family and their assets and liabilities (most of which you will have). If you like, you can have a general discussion about the different types of Wills and testamentary trust options available. This will be part of the iniitial briefing we provide. Of course, this is also your opportunity to talk to the clients about whether their estate would be enough to provide for their family if they were to die prematurely.


2. Profile to Irongroup Lawyers: The Client Profile is sent to us and a teleconference is organised with one of our lawyers. We welcome your involvement in that session.


3. Client Teleconference: The client session is held, and the lawyer discusses the clients' estate distribution needs, and the recommended solutions. If there are any additional fees over the standard fixed fee the lawyer will advise that during the interview.


4. A Summary of Instructions and Costs Agreement are sent to the client and copies to the Adviser. Once approved, we draft the documents.


5. Document signing: We prepare the documents and forward them to the Adviser to arrange the signing. We can either invoice the Adviser's firm or the client direct - it's up to the Adviser.

And the relationship with Irongroup Lawyers?
This new advice model allows you to extend your current offering and assist your clients with estate planning. In return for your contribution, Irongroup Lawyers applies wholesale fees allowing you to charge your clients a fee for your services. This model gives you the ability to generate additional revenue as well as help consolidate and grow your client relationships.

If you are an accountant, financial planner or risk writer contact us today to discuss your preferred option for ensuring your clients have good quality estate planning documents in place. Please call us on 03 8621 9000 or send an email to