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We work with clients around Australia with most of our client meetings conducted over the phone. We often set up teleconference calls so that the Advisers can participate in the discussion between the lawyer and the clients.




How we work with Advisers around Australia - it's your choice


1. Direct referral - if you want to make sure your clients are properly looked after but don't want to necessarily be involved...

then all we need is your client's name & phone number sent to and we will contact them to discuss their Estate Planning or Business Succession needs - obligation free. You can rest assured your clients will have the most comprehensive and up-to-date solutions for their particular needs.

2. You facilitate the planning process between the client and our law firm - if you would like to be more involved...

You engage with your client, provide information on how estate planning or business succession planning works and complete our Summary Client Profile. That is then forwarded to us. We will contact yourself or the client to make a time for a phone/teleconference interview with a lawyer to obtain their instructions. Whilst you are positioned as the lead adviser, this option provides the security of knowing a lawyer will be providing the legal advice and will be responsible for drafting the legal documents.

If you are an Adviser who wants to be more involved in your clients' estate planning, you may be interested in becoming an Alliance Partner. More information is available here Alliance Partner Advice Model.


We also provide useful materials for your clients...



Would you like an insight into how our services could help your clients?

Estate Planning Insights
  • Why you need a Will - intestacy problems
  • How to Make a Will
  • Different Types of Wills
  • Wills and Testamentary Trusts
  • Special Care Trusts
  • Estate Planning & the Family Farm
  • Powers of Attorney - Summary by States
  • Executors & Guardians
  • Probate & Estate Administration
  • Will Challenges
Succession Planning for Family Farms and Family Businesses
  • Succession Planning for Farming Families
  • Succession Planning for Family Businesses
Business Succession Planning
  • Business Succession for Partners
  • Partnership Agreements - What You Need to Look For
  • Buy Sell Agreement
  • Exit Agreement
  • Trauma insurance payout as a trigger event



Irongroup Lawyers are committed to providing practical and relevant information to help de-mystify the legal process. We publish an informative range of articles and publications, written and researched by our professional legal staff.

Looking to up-skill? We offer training in estate planning and business succession planning. Click here for more information Irongroup Lawyers Seminars & Workshops.


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